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By blogaccess, Apr 10 2019 09:22PM

Window tint for your vehicle is something not many people give a second thought to. While you may know that you want it done, how much research have you done to ensure that you will be happy with the overall result? Unfortunately, most people only notice a window tint job when one is done improperly or the window tint has gone bad. Fortunately, these are easy pitfalls to avoid, so we wanted to give you three things to consider before you get your vehicle tinted.

Do you only want the look or do you want performance too? – Just like most other items you can purchase for your vehicle, there are numerous levels of window tint quality and performance. You first need to determine if you only want the look of tinted windows or if you actually would like some noticeable heat and UV rejection as well. While an inexpensive film might make your windows look the way you want, it may barely reject any heat at all. The good news is that with the latest generations of window tint you can have great looks and tremendous performance. Spend some time discussing your options with our team at Colorado Glass Tinting so that you can make the right choice to give you the combination of desired look and heat and UV rejecting performance.

How experienced is the installer? – Many of the modifications done to a vehicle can be done by individuals with a variety of skill levels without drastically effecting the end result. However, window tint is quite different. An experienced installer can make all the difference between you have a great looking tint job that you can be proud of or an eyesore not worthy of your vehicle. A good installer can make an even average window tint look great based on the quality of their installation. Likewise, an inexperienced installer can take the best window film available and get a substandard result based on flaws in the installation. To have a tint job that will last and that you can be proud of, make sure to verify a company’s experience level and ask to see some examples of their work.

Who is standing behind the product and installation? – We would all love to live in a world where things did not go wrong. Unfortunately, things can and do sometimes turn out different than we would like. Just like any other product you might purchase, there can be situations where a window tint will fail and need to be replaced. It is when this happens that the company standing behind the film that was installed and the shop that did the installation become very important. At Tint King, we use only top quality film from Llumar and we have been servicing the greater Indianapolis, Indiana area for over 25 years.

Any quality window tint job should come with a warranty card from the manufacturer that spells out the terms of the warranty and the process to get something corrected if there is ever an issue. If a shop does not tell you what brand of window tint is being installed or provide you with a warranty card, that should be a red flag to look elsewhere for your installation.

I hope that these three basic questions to consider help you to make a more informed decision the next time you get your vehicle tinted. If you would like more information regarding the questions above, click HERE. If you want a quote or to schedule an appointment for your vehicle, call 317-541-8468 for our Indianapolis store and 317-762-8468 for our Greenwood location. Find out why we are the #1 source for automotive window tinting in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.

By blogaccess, Mar 1 2019 04:48PM

Most Americans love their cars. It is not just a mode of transportation, but an extension of the personality of the individual driving it. Whether you are driving the latest sports car, off-road capable SUV or gas-sipping commuter, it can be enhanced with vehicle window tint. How you ask? This article will give the top three reasons that you should consider vehicle window tint.

Window Tint Improves Appearance – Did you ever wonder why many automotive manufacturers have the windows of their cars tinted in the advertisements they run? It is because they understand that the lines of the car flow better and the appearance of the vehicle is enhanced when the windows are tinted slightly. If you haven’t noticed that in the past, pay attention to magazine and automotive commercials. You will see than many of these vehicles will have tinted windows. So, take a cue from the automotive designers. Your vehicle’s appearance will be enhanced with automotive window tint.Please Note: You should review the laws regarding vehicle window tint in your State to understand what is legal. For a handy chart from the AAA that gives an overview of the current laws, click HERE.

Window Tint Improves Comfort – Direct sun can make the interior of a vehicle extremely hot even at cooler times of the year. Modern window films can dramatically reduce the amount of heat allowed to enter the vehicle through the glass. In addition, having the windows tinted can reduce annoying glare that can be an issue throughout the year. The end result is that the inside of your vehicle will be a more comfortable place to be with a quality window tint installed.

Window Tint Protects Vehicle Interiors and Your Skin – We all understand the negative impact that the sun’s UV rays can have on our skin, but they also can cause sun damage to interior surfaces of your vehicle. The good news is that modern window films typically block 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays from passing through the glass. In fact, The Skin Cancer Foundation discusses window film as one of the primary ways you can practice sun safety while traveling in a vehicle. To learn more about what they have to say about this, click HERE. So, window film allow you to fully enjoy the sun without worrying about your vehicle or your skin.

We hope that you found the information in this article informative as you consider vehicle window tint. If you would like more information on the quality window film products that we offer, click HERE. If you want a quote or to schedule an appointment for your vehicle, call 317-541-8468 for our Indianapolis store and 317-762-8468 for our Greenwood location. Find out why we are the #1 source for automotive window tinting in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.