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TINT KING offers a variety of window film products that will complement and enhance the appearance, safety, energy-efficiency, style, and uniqueness of your commercial needs.  Window film installation provides an abundance of low-cost, effective solutions for all glass types.  Our products are ideal for not only improving the efficiency, privacy, and safety of your building needs, but also add decorative privacy or branding to Private Offices, Conference Rooms, Lobbies, Glass Partitions, and Retail Environments.


TINT KING offers a variety of films from the leading manufacturers, including but not limited to 3M, Huper Optik, Solar Gard, Llumar, ASWF, SunTek, Solyx, and Madico.  TINT KING is happy to provide film specifications and assist you in choosing the right product for your specific needs and budget.  TINT KING OFFERS A 10-15 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY ON OUR COMMERCIAL FILMS.


Ask TINT KING about our extensive product line, including:  


-PREMIUM FILMS:  Specializing in Energy-Efficiency, Heat and Glare Reduction, Fade Prevention, Privacy, and Aesthetic Appeal.  Lower your daily energy expenses while creating a comfortable environment for your tenants, employees, and customers.  These films also protect your office furniture, flooring, and valuable merchandise from fading.  


-SAFETY AND SECURITY FILMS:  Strengthen and secure your existing glass in case of attempted break-ins, 'smash and grab' events, blasts, and severe weather disasters (such as tornadoes, hurricanes,



and earthquakes). Our films secure shattered or broken glass that will deter theft, and aid in protecting your occupants, employees, customers, and valuable floor merchandise.


-COLORED AND DECORATIVE FILMS:  Frosted, Gradient, Stained-glass, Textured, and Patterned Films (that range from traditional to modern design) offer a cost-effective alternative to specialty glass.  Change the appearance of your building or office simply be accenting your existing glass with a decorative touch, or by adding your business logo for storefront recognition and advertising.  GET CREATIVE-THE POSSIBILITES ARE ENDLESS!!!!  Become inspired by visiting  


-ROLLER SHADES:  Control privacy and glare with numerous design and material choices (such as fabric, mylar, nylon, and vinyl) that are custom-made to any window in your building.


-TINT GRAPHICS AND LOGOS:  A perfect solution for storefront branding and advertising.  Bring in your own design or consult with our staff to create the look you desire with computer-cut precision.